Ethereal Yoga & CrossFit Resistance Bands

$42.95 $59.95

Hustle for the muscle with Ethereal Yoga & Crossfit Resistance Bands. Made from durable latex material, the bands boost your workouts with 5 levels of resistance.
Ideal for toning, stretching and rehab; the bands help isolate muscles and apply resistance to develop strength and flexibility.

A band can also add a strength challenge to your go-to bodyweight moves. It's versatile enough to work for beginners and pros, and there are certain exercises you can only do with this tool.

So, if you're ever stranded on a desert island, a resistance band should be your first choice of workout equipment.

NOTE: Available as a set of five or separate bands.

Please use the Size chart below to determine your size.

Length  Width Thickness Tension
Extra Light 11.8'' 1.9'' 0.35 mm 5-10 lb
Light 11.8'' 1.9'' 0.5 mm 10-15 lb
Medium 11.8'' 1.9'' 0.7 mm 15-20 lb
Heavy 11.8'' 1.9'' 0.9 mm 25-30 lb
Extra Heavy 11.8'' 1.9'' 1.1 mm 35-40 lb

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