Smart Casual Dress Code | 8 Ideas For A Fashionable Lady Boss

How to keep your business attire smart yet casual? Good question. Working in a professional environment and look stylish doing it is not always as easy as it seems. That's why we did a little digging and composed this article in hopes to help out those who struggle and are in need for some serious inspiration! So if you are interested to find out more about how to maintain your business status and look breezy doing it, keep on reading this article on smart casual dress code- 8 ideas for a fashionable lady boss.

1.Basic T-Shirt

smart casual dress code

One of the simplest yet most sure ways to look chic, professional yet pretty casual- basic tees. Wear it together with pin striped trousers, pencils skirts or wide leg pants and look your best at your next business meeting. Source: Andy Csinger.

2. Loose fit jumper

smar casual dress code loose fit jumper

Smart, fit trousers paired with a loose, chunky sweater- bingo! This is definitely a combination you should try wearing at work. It not only looks fashionable but it's really comfortable as well. Perfect for a long working day where you just want to feel good in your skin! Source: Fongminliao.

3. Oversized blazer

Smart Casual Dress Code - Mad Jade

What if you took your work blazer and got one that is just a little oversized? Voila, you've achieved smart casual with just one piece of clothing. Try it out, this one is a sure way to put a little casual spin to your business apparel! Source: Pinterest.

4. Funky twists

Business Casual Dress Code - Mad Jade

Oh boy, do we love this one. All it takes to make your business outfit a bit more casual is to put a subtle, little twist to it. Like in this picture right here- just wear both of your suspenders on one shoulder! What a genius and stylish way to make your look a little more laidback. Source:

5. Wide Leg Pants

Smar Casual Dress Code - Mad Jade

There is just something about a wide leg pant that gives this relaxed and laidback feel to your entire outfit. And that's why it's perfect for a smar casual attire. And the best part is- the styles and colors are endless! And so are the styling options. Definitely worth trying out. Source:

6. Sneakers

Smart Casual Dress Code - Mad Jade

Sneaker, the king of footwear. Now this is the number 1 one way to make any outfit look three times more casual. So if you are looking for a way to wear your business attire in a more down-to-Earth way and you don't want to spend too much time or effort doing it, sneakers is the perfect way to go. Source:

7. Colors

Smart Casual Dress Code - Mad Jade

Now traditionally, black and white is the classic business look. So adding a few bright colors can really tone the serious look down. Whether it's a colorful blouse, bright-colored shoes or simply a pair of red earrings, this styling way is surely worth trying out and it's really easy to do too. Win win! Source:

8. Denim

Smart Casual - Mad Jade

Nothing gives your look a more breezy and careless feel than denim. Whether it's a skirt, a jacket or simply a pair of jeans. And so it is perfect for someone who works in a professional environment, but wants to keep it casual and laidback. And we're sure you must have at least one piece of denim in your wardrobe- go on and try to create an outfit right away! Source: Andy Csinger. 


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