9 stylish ways how to wear dresses in winter

Is a dress your favourite thing to wear? We can relate. But how to wear a dress in winter, when the cold is just too much and your knees are constantly shivering?! Not to worry, it's actually pretty simple. We've gathered some inspiration for you- trendy winter looks styled by the most creative fashion moguls out there. So here is our 9 favourite ways to wear dresses in winter.

1. With Over-the-Knee Boots

mad jade a southern drawl winter dress with over-the-knee camel boots

Ever wondered how to wear over the knee boots? Simple- with your favourite dress! It's effortless, yet so chic and elegant. And it looks great no matter how old you are- long boots are timeless. On top of that, over-the-knee boots is such a great way to make your legs look longer and slimmer. And they will surely keep you warm while wearing your favourite dress during the cold season. We call this a win! Source: asoutherndrawl.com.

2. With a sweater over it

mad jade song of style winter outfit

How to wear a sweater with your dress and look fabulous? Transform your dress into a skirt and wear a cozy jumper over it. It's a great way to stay warm while showcasing not only your beautiful dress, but also your favourite knitwear. It's trendy, it's feminine and it's so cozy! Love it. Source: songofstyle.com.

3. With a long wool coat 

mad jade olivia palermo maxi coat long dress

The maxi coat- ultimate winter must-have that comes in handy on so many occassions. One of them- wearing it with your favourite dress. Wrap yourself in a long wool coat to stay warm and look fabulous doing it! This is definitely one of our most favourite ways to rock a winter look. And, for that matter, the warmest! Source: oliviapalermo.com.

4. With a faux fur coat

mad jade style du monde faux fur coat
Faux fur is fun, it's stylish and most importantly, it's animal-friendly. Therefore, it's also a great and conscious way to stay warm and glamorous during the winter season. It's responsible fashion and we love that. Throw it over your dress and conquer the streets in style! Source: styledumonde.com.

5. With statement tights

mad jade statement tights

Statement tights! It's a bold and creative way to spice up your outfit and make your dress pop. The options are endless- colored, patterned, ribbed, fish net stockings.. Find what best suits you and your style and wear dresses with tights all winter long. You will look beautiful! Source: Jin and Dana.

6. With a cape

mad jade cape dress

Something for the girls who want to trade the traditional coat for something more unique and creative- we offer you the cape. A perfect hybrid for the winter season which will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Are you ready to be in the spotlight? Get yourself a new cape and create an inspiring style! Source: Getty images.

7. With a turtleneck sweater

mad jade turtleneck sweater dress

How to wear a turtleneck? Well, simple- wear it with a cute dress and show winter you're not afraid of it. Turtleneck sweater is such a fashion classic, don't you think? It gives you that mature yet relaxed feeling and it's a perfect piece to wear underneath your sleeveless dress for an elegant and put-together look. Plus, it will definitely keep you warm. And that's what we're going for here with your new style. Source: Vanessa Jackman.

8. With a hoodie

mad jade couturezilla hoodie dress

Looking for styling ideas? Here's another one- a perfect mix between streetwear and elegance. A totally new style. Throw your or your boyfriend's hooded jumper over a floral maxi dress and steal the show everywhere you go. It's funky, it's stylish and it's winter-proof. Definitely worth a try! Source: couturezilla.com.

9. With a cardigan sweater

mad jade jessica alba cardigan sweater dress

How to wear a cardigan? It's as simple as throwing a monochrome cardigan on your maxi dress and marching to the streets with no fear for the winter. The mixing and matching possibilities have no end with these two pieces (a dress and a cardigan) and you will surely find the perfect combination for your personal style. Source: cutypaste.com.

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